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The Ultimate Guide to Medicare Dental Plans

Many Seniors on Medicare Need to Purchase a additional dental insurance plan, where as original Medicare may cover certain Dental Expenses: Surgery when it is as part of emergency. Medicare does not cover for routine Dental Care Such as:

  • Cleanings,
  • Fillings,
  • Crowns and
  • Dentures.

Does You are Medicare Pay for Dental?

Medicare Part A and Part B Does not cover for more Dental Services, dental coverage with a private Medicare plans may vary, many Medicare plans may include built in dental coverage or dental allowances.

  • All Medicare Advantage Plans have Built in Benefits in – Minnesota.
  • All Medicare Advantage Plans have Built in Benefits in – Wisconsin.
  • Most of Medicare Cost Plans Have Built in Benefits in – North Dakota.
  • Most of Medicare Cost Plans have Built in Benefits in – South Dakota.

The HealthPartners plan which you have chose does not have built-in Dental benefits, if you want more benefits of what you have, you always have an option by Adding Supplemental Comprehensive Dental Coverage to you are Medicare plan which can bring you more benefits when you visit you are dentist.

Medicare Supplemental Dental Coverage for 2024

If you add Supplemental Dental Coverage to your existing Medicare plan you may get benefits:

  • Will get 100% Coverage for most in-network Preventive and Diagnostic Care.
  • After 50$ Deductible you will get 50% of coverage for an annual Maximum Including:
    • Sealants,
    • Fillings,
    • Periodontics,
    • oral Surgery,
    • Dentures and
    • More.
  • You are all Medicare dental coverage will be in one plan, may easier to have a track of.
  • There is no Waiting periods after the enrollment.
  • you are dental benefits starts at the same time with all benefits.

How to you enroll in Supplemental dental coverage?

You will always have an option to add supplemental dental coverage for additional monthly premium

The HealthPartners Medicare plan you are interested is not eligible for supplemental dental coverage you need not to worry we have separate offer HealthPartners senior dental insurance options in Minnesota and Wisconsin,

When to Enroll in Supplemental Medicare Dental

Medicare plan add on is a Supplemental dental coverage, Means you can sign up for supplemental dental plans only during a Medicare enrollment Period.

When you Turn 65 years – you are Initial Enrollment Period
Annual Enrollment period – Every year from October 15th to December 7, you can switch Medicare plans within this period.

Best Dental Insurance for Seniors on Medicare of 2024

Best Dental Insurance For Seniors on Medicare (Compare)

CompanyPlansCoverage Limit Providers In-Network 
UnitedHealthcare Best Overall3$1,000 to $2,5001,300,000
Kaiser Permanente Best Customer Service $1,500 Not disclosed 
Humana Best Online Tools 7$2,000 270,000 
Aetna Best National Coverage 3$1,000 to $4,500 700,000 
WellCare Best for Potential New Offerings 2$750+ Not disclosed 
Cigna Best for Special Needs2$1,000 89,000

Free dental for seniors on Medicare

Most Seniors who are over 65 years, Often need free dental care because their fixed retirement incomes make them unaffordable to pay the dentist Out-of-Pocket. Medicare Part A and Part B Doesn’t cover Dental plans.

Medicare Part C dental Coverage

Medicare Part C, Some of the Medicare Advantage plans may cover and pay for the routine and other dental services as an added benefits. Patients may check with their Medicare Plans to find out what the dental services it may covers.

Medicare part b dental coverage

Medicare part B only Covers dental expenses that are a medically necessary part of another covered service. Medicare Part B Doesn’t cover services like: routine dental services as:

  • Cleanings,
  • Fillings,
  • Crowns and
  • Dentures.

Does Medicare cover dental surgery?

Here Medicare Does not Cover Most of the Dental care, which include procedures and supplies like:

  • Cleanings,
  • Fillings,
  • Tooth extractions,
  • Dentures,
  • Dental Plates or
  • Other Dental Devices

Medicare may pay for some of the dental services which are closely related to Other Covered Medical Services.

What Dental Services are covered by Medicare

The another option for dental coverage is to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan with benefits of dental. note – Not all Medicare Advantage plans offers Dental Coverage, but some do, not to worry we are here to help you to chose the right decision for you are dental care need, When Medicare covers Dental Service.

Original Medicare does not cover routine dental care, Medicare part A and Medicare Part B only cover dental services if required for another medical procedure, Medically Necessary.

Medicare doesn’t cover any of the following dental services:

  • Oral surgery
  • Dentures
  • Dental implants
  • Wisdom tooth removal
  • Oral exams
  • Teeth cleaning
  • Orthodontics
  • Invisible aligners
  • Root canal treatment
  • Abscess tooth

Dental Benefits on Medicare (How to get)

Some Medicare Advantage plans include dental insurance and some don’t, other covers wide range of dental coverage, while some plans cover only standard services.

You should not go to Medicare Advantage plans blind, you need to know more about Medicare Advantage plans before enrolling into it. you may get more information at, do research beforehand.

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